At Adventure Horse Riding in NYS
we offer a one-of-a-kind horse riding experience.

We walk, trot, CANTER, and GALLOP through the beautiful foothills of the  Adirondack Mountains in NYS.

This is adventurous and exciting horseback riding and not commonly  available anywhere  else in NYS or the USA

The horse rides are varied - we go up and slide down very steep hills,  cross creeks,
go horse belly high into ponds, and run like the wind!

You will be amazed at how skilled and confident you will become  after this ride.

This vacation is for those who really love to ride  -

WE SURE AREN'T FANCY -all we do is ride & mess with horses.  PERIOD.

We don't offer Jacuzzis, Olympic pools, rock bands, great dining or polkas.
                        If this sounds like your thing then give us a call.

                                We host ONLY one OR two  riders.  ............ONLY YOUR PARTY - you are with no other groups.!

$1199 plus Per PERSON for doubles & couples
Singles $1299 plus - we may pair you with another single but with separate room

Lodging and Breakfast  included.    No extra charge for this.

This is a 4 day vacation.  Arrival Fri, ride Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues, and leave Wed am.
Lots of time with the little darlings. Approx. 9 am to 6pm- give or take.

WE SURE AREN'T FANCY - all we do is ride & mess with horses.

What "real horse riding " is all about

The things on the little darlings' faces are called "fly masks".  They protect them from flies,bugs, & branches & they can see through them just fine.
From Mild to Wild ...
This is the Whitewater Rafting of Horseback Riding ....
Adventure Horse Riding
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ADVENTURE HORSE  RIDING in NYS near Oneida, Herkimer ,  Hamilton  & Jefferson County,  New      York located close to Boonville,  Old Forge, Rome, Watertown, Utica, Syracuse, & Rochester, about 4.5      hours from NYC  

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Adventure Horse Riding in NYS
Learn to Ride in 4 Days !!!
No Kidding & No Fooling ....
Adventure Horse Riding in NYS
Adults Only
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