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From Mild to Wild - the Whitewater Rafting of Horse Riding

Ride the Arena of the Adirondacks


We have an incredible and unbelievable RIDING PROGRAM  of 1 or 2 days that you will probably not find anywhere else, either in the US or in the world.  And, TRAIL RIDES - the best you will ever have ! This is NOT your run of the mill nose to tail ride where the horses go on the same exact trail & simply follow each other.  This is VERY, VERY DIFFERENT.  Only 1 or 2 persons per ride.


            What a great horseback riding adventure...

We will do our best to accommodate YOUR wishes and needs.


It doesn’t matter if you are a raw beginner, need to regain the confidence you have lost, have had just a few nose to tail trail rides, are having horse withdrawal, have mild nervousness or fear,  or just want to get down and dirty and really ride then this is the place for you..


What we will give you here in 1 day, or more intensely in 2 days or a 2 hour trail ride, is a horseback riding experience for learning to ride and/or  rebuilding your riding confidence, or just a super horse riding vacation that is truly exhilarating and fun !


This program is about Horse Riding - plain, pure and simple


                Beyond the Basics and Way Beyond !!!


Established Jan 29, 2002

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