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About Us


This is the REAL DEAL when it comes to trail riding AND NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP


If you need a small or a really, really big boost in your CONFIDENCE or if you have a bunch of FEAR or if you want to truly LEARN TO RIDE without a zillion boring hours in the arena

then this is the place to come.  

We, the little darlings and yours truly, have been successully working with folks just like you since Jan 29, 2002.  We've seen bunches and not much surprises us anymore.  We will do right by you.

Have you taken lessons and feel like you are getting nowhere ?

Do you just want a nice mini horse vacation that doesn't take large groups and is more customized to you ?

Have you ridden a small or a fair amount and just can't seem to get it?

Do you own or lease and come up with excuses not to go riding or not to go to the arena?

Does your tummy lurch and roil when you are thinking or planning on going riding?

Do you feel self-conscious and stupid around other riders?

Have you always wanted to ride and now you feel that you are too old or out of shape to ride?

Are you scared to the hilt?

Are you afraid you can't keep up with your riding lessons?

Do you feel that you don't even know who you are anymore?  -  horses will fix that.

Do you simpy have a passion for the wonderful little darlings?


We have no hired help.

We aren't into showing, or competition - we simply have the darlings because we love them to the ends of the earth.

No fancy folks here- just woodchucks - and we live and breathe this lifestyle every day - and we love it - wouldn't trade it for anything.


They love doing "real" riding because that's what horses are truly meant to do.  They never ever refuse - and generally hang out at the gate or by the driveway to see who's going out and who's coming back

Our darlings are trained using natural horsemanship and communication - there is no force or pressure of any kind - and they respond wonderfully to it.

We try, as much as we can, to act  like horses ourselves, so they understand more clearly what we ask of them. No doubt, they occasionally think we are a big joke !

And we ask, we don't demand.  They give, willingly, and with trust and confidence.  And, we show you how to do this, too.

We are very proud of our horses and proud of what we do.  Every horse you come into contact with, after being here, will be a better horse because of your stay here..

We've had folks from as far away as California, Texas, Florida,  Denmark, Germany, England, Alberta, Alaska, Australia and Malta,  which is pretty darn amazing.

It takes the time it takes and it will take less time

Consistency is your greatesst ally and inconsistency is your greatest enemy.

Don't always say always, never say never, and usually say usually.

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