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About Us & You


This is the REAL DEAL when it comes to trail riding AND NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP

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Transform your riding experience with the real deal in trail riding and natural horsemanship.

Whether it's a confidence boost, conquering fears, or experience real riding in the marvelous outdoors , we've been guiding individuals like you since Jan 2002.

You will exceed your expectations !

You will be truly amazed at what you can do ---FIND YOURSELF AGAIN !!!

Shadow on the Wall
Long night forest [line only]_edited_edi
Are lessons leaving you feeling stuck?

Bored stupid by group nose to tail trail rides?

Want a real customized experience without groups?

Struggling to get the hang of riding?

Finding excuses to avoid the arena?  NO arena here !!!

If your tummy churns at the mere thought, let's rewrite your riding story

Feel awkward around other riders?

Think you're too old or out of shape to ride?

Overwhelmed by fear

Are you afraid you can't keep up with your riding lessons?

Lost in self-identity? Horses are the answer.

Do you simpy have a passion for the wonderful little darlings?
Love horses but where did the fun go ?

We have no hired help.

No showing, no competition – just pure love for our darlings that extends to the ends of the earth.

No frills, just woodchucks. We live and breathe this lifestyle every day, and we wouldn't trade it for the world


They love 'real' riding, their true calling. Always eager, they wait by the gate, ready to be out and about on the trail. 

Our darlings respond wonderfully to natural horsemanship – no force, just a beautiful connection between you and them.

We strive to act like horses ourselves, ensuring clearer communication. No doubt, they occasionally see us as a big joke!

We ask, not demand, though we can be a bit bossy. They give willingly, with trust. Let us guide you in building this incredible bond.

Our pride extends to our horses and our mission. Each horse you encounter here transforms positively during your stay.  You will be transformed also.

We've welcomed guests from California to Malta, spanning continents and cultures – pretty darn amazing, isn't it?

It takes the time it takes and it will take less time

Consistency is your greatesst ally and inconsistency is your greatest enemy.

Don't always say always, never say never, and usually say usually.

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