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Beyond the Basics & way beyond...

        Our Program 

When learning, you want an experienced horse that will teach you the ropes, and a knowledgeable, caring coach.


So I can teach you to become a strong leader, mount your horse, steer your horse, handle the reins, stop your horse, slow him down and speed him up, handle emergencies, go across creeks, go up and down hills, trot, go through the briars and the brambles,  and get him to do what he might not want to do and what you might be nervous to do.

Horseback is NOT rocket science but many make it unbelievably complicated !!!


This IS REAL Riding and our little darlings can teach you so much in a few hours or a day.

horseback riding for adults

       ONE DAY

  • Lots more riding

  • Leadership

  • Communication

  • Hills and creeks

  • Maybe bushwhacking

  • One rein stop

  • Sitting trot

  • Lots of encouragement

  • and all kinds of other stuff


Conquer fear, get confidence.

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