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horseback riding for adults

Cost, Map, info     
1 or 2 persons only

All prices are PER PERSON

* Beyond the Basics & Way Beyond


1 Day              $ 899   per person


This is NOT your normal trail ride!

Not even close !!!

* Trail                 $225 for 2 hours

* Lesson            $225 for 2 hours                      

Additional hours available

Tel: 315-942-4769


Mary Dixon

8585 Buck Hill Rd

Westernville, NY  13486

A paypal account is not necessary to use paypal and you can use your charge card on paypal


horse in pond.jpg

The reason for DEPOSITS is to reserve your space and it is guaranteed to you only. 


If I cannot fill the spot that you had reserved then everyone misses out.  


Deposits do not carry over to another year..

Please park near the barn - not the house :


The Little Darlings are so looking forward to meeting you !)

If you would like to do a GOOGLE REVIEW  for us we would be very grateful.  

This is the link: 

Accepting Venmo, PayPal, cash, cks

We are located in Oneida County NYS and close to Watertown, Boonville, Utica, Rome, Old Forge , Rochester, Albany, and Syracuse NY.  We are close to NYS thruway and about 4.5 hours from NYC.

Come horseback riding with us in the beautiful foothills of the Adirondack Wilderness.

If you would like to bring your OWN little darlings - fantastic  - just need a Coggins test for traveling in NY...

CLOTHING:  no flip flops or sandals and preferably no sneakers or cleated boots like hiking boots.  A smooth soled boot works the best and is the safest for riding and being around horses. 

Long Sleeve shirt - for branches and bugs


Helmets are optional though strongly suggested for adults and required for minors by law. We have helmets here.


Stretchy pants are by far the most comfortable. No shorts.   Jeans  are fine but shouldn't be tight because you will chafe and be uncomfortable.  Please do not wear shorts


Jewelry you will most likely lose in the woods.


Perfume and after shave attract bugs.

I do NOT go back into the woods to find LOST phones, cameras or jewelry.    :)

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