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Trail Rides and lessons  

NOT a boring trail ride or tedious lesson – it's truly outstanding!

Trail rides or Lessons - Nowhere else compares to either the trail rides or lessons offered here. 


Only one or two persons at a time. 

REGARDING LESSONS - you learn about horses & riding so much faster here - quicker than anywhere else you would ever go. 

REGARDING TRAIL RIDES -this is NOT a just follow ride, YOU will lead the ride.


Kick things off for 20 minutes becoming acquainted with your horse.

  One of the dumbest things you can ever do is just hop on a horse if you are total strangers to each other. 

Horses are not machines and have their own horse-analities like we have personalities. 

Truly exceptional, miles away from what is offered everywhere else."

If you're craving more than the usual ride or lesson, looking to dive into the true riding experience, or just pondering riding without a big commitment, then this is your spot

This is NOT arena riding - boring !!!- you are out on the going aorund circles here...


Only 1 or 2 persons.  Appointment only and deposit.  You will really love this ride !!   

We will do our best to  accommodate your wishes - challenging, quiet, or in between ... whatever is your pleasure.  We do not canter on a trail ride unless you've been here before or are very experienced.

1 or 2 folks only.

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