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Trail Rides and lessons  

This is NOT your normal nose to trail ride or boring lesson - this is GREAT !

Trail rides or  Lessons - you will never have a trail ride or lessons like these anywhere.  Two hours for rides or lessons.  Generally only one or two persons at a time.  This includes a 20 minute introduction getting familiar with horses and your particular horse that you will be riding.  This is really important because one of the dumbest things you can ever do is just hop on a horse that you don't know.  They are not machines and have their own horse-analities like we have personalities.  THE BEST TRAIL RIDE YOU WILL EVER HAVE - NOT THE NORMAL TYPE  - not even close !!!

If you are ready for something more than the normal large group nose to tail horse ride or lesson and want to get a taste of what riding is really about, or you are having horse withdrawal, or are thinking about riding but not ready to make a committment for intensive instruction, then this is the place to come.

This is NOT arena riding - boring !!!- you are out on the going aorund circles here...


Only 1 or 2 persons.  Appointment only and deposit.  You will really love this ride !!   

We will do our best to  accommodate your wishes - challenging, quiet, or in between ... whatever is your pleasure.  We do not canter on a trail ride unless you've been here before or are very experienced.

1 or 2 folks only.

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