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Horseback For Adults


I have tons of reviews that are more recent but I'd rather be with the horses than stuck at the computer, but hey, check out my top-rated reviews on Google! I've got more 5-stars than anyone else in the state.

Lisa Rothauser 

I have been riding at Adventure Horse Riding for 12 years now and it is, hands down, THE BEST horse riding experience I have had in my life.


No other place can compare really. Mary instills a confidence in and connection with these animals to the point of literally being able to venture-out fearlessly alone on the trail by day 3


It is a tradition in our family now and I have never received such big hugs from my two sons when they figured out how to canter and gallop.


Best 3-day vacay in the state if you ask me. And don't even get me started on the therapeutic value. Deepak Chopra could learn a thing or two out there with these creatures. ;)

Dear Reader,

My wife and I visited this magical place in the foothills of The Adirondacks. She was returning to visit the four and two legged friends she'd made on on a previous visit bringing me her complete beginner husband.

We spent four days here and every moment was filled with joyous learning energy. Horses are wondrous teachers and you will lean how to lead, how to manage your fear, how to whoop with joy as you urge your horse through tree lined trails. You will go down deep gullies and climb back up to go down again. You will cross rivers. You will feel like you are living a dream and you will be.

I rode a quarter horse named Dancer and I miss her. She rewarded my efforts every day and each day I felt stronger and looser. We'd ride for over 5 hours every day rain or shine and we'd rush back the next morning to start again.


If you dream of riding like a cowgirl or cowboy this is the place to start. I will be forever grateful to Mary ...for her wisdom, patience and laughter. We will be returning here and we will be counting the days.


Jeremy Welch 

My wife had been here a few times in the past, but felt like she needed a refresher. For my part, we had a couple horses on a Washington State farm so I've had my time in the saddle, but it had been a long time besides one-off rides taken during vacations.


My wife tried to explain it to me, but words can't really describe everything that is in store. It's a unique experience that spans time spent in the barn and yard learning how to establish a relationship with the horse that you will be forming a herd of two with during your stay, rides on the trail with the guides learning control and technique, to a peaceful solo ride through the forest


Of course, mileage may vary depending on skill level and comfort level on the horse. At the end of the second day, I was exhausted and wondering how the cowboys of the old west managed it, but at the end of the fourth, I was wishing I had more days to spend.


After only those four short days, I felt sturdy in the saddle and like "my" horse Dakota was confident enough in me to explore the wilds together. I can't recommend it enough, Mary ... is 100% prepared to teach anyone from a complete beginner to an experienced rider who wants to learn more about horsemanship. We'll be back!



Joseph Ferrari 


In the past 10 yrs I have attended Mary's 4 day learn to ride Adventure Horse Riding 5 times, and I just keep learning more and more every time I go


 Not only from the teaching of Mary..., but also the teaching their wonderful horses give you. 11 yrs ago as a 50 yr old new rider


I had a lot of fear to overcome . Mary got me past that fear by teaching me the horsemanship I wasn't getting anywhere else.

Learning things like ground work, communication, trust and riding over, under and through some of the most fun trails I ever rode!


No matter what level of rider you are, or what issues you my have with your horse, you will leave AHR nor only a better horseperson, but a better person too!

Kira Bolin

Im visiting upstate New York for the summer from Texas. I grew up around horses and loved going on rides while I was growing up so I have experience and wanted something more than a glorified pony ride where your following in a line. Mary Dixson and her family was exactly what I was looking for and worth every penny. Not only did we get to know our horses by doing some ground work, but once we had shown her that we could guide our horses over some logs we headed out to the trails. We went up and down hills, around trees, took turns leading the group, they even let us trot and gallop. Everything was beautiful and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I will be going back again.

Rachel M  

I came to Mary's farm with some horseback riding experience, but I was never fully at ease on a horse. My fear was that the smallest thing I'd do would set the horse off. I didn't understand how horses think or what motivates their behavior.


Then I spent 4 days with Mary and her wonderful horses. At the end of my time, I asked Mary if I'd actually made any progress. "Think back to how you were when you first came, and you tell me," Mary responded. That's when I realized how far I'd come in such a short time.


At the end of 4 days, I was riding a horse comfortably over rough terrain, cantering without losing my balance, putting tack on the horse, and bonding with my horse. I still have a healthy fear of horses, but the irrational fears are gone because I now possess a deeper understanding of natural horsemanship. I came away feeling truly empowered. Thank you Mary for providing this incredible experience!


Laurie Otto

I don't have enough words in my vocabulary to express my feelings. Such an amazing place, with room for anyone to grow and learn. A place of heaven here on earth which has inspired me to be a better rider and a much better horseman. Mary is a gem of a lady who can teach anyone to ride. Fear was my biggest downfall and I like to think that after spending four days there that I am a much more confident rider. Bless you Mary for taking the time to help me better myself with one of my most beloved things. I will be back to see you and the little darlings and to enjoy your piece of heaven...Once again thank you so very much, I Loved It 😍

Dave Linn

The best thing we've ever done on a horse! The best instruction, the best horses, and the best trails. I learned more in a few days than in years of previous instruction. The BnB was remarkable as well.


ALSO:  We have bunches of testimonials but haven't posted them yet  and  many, many from past years....if you want more I'll dig them up for you. Also, they are on FB comments and many others just kind of all over the place.    No Doubt you are confused;  the program used to be for 4 days - I have been able to very successfully narrow it down to 1 day without any loss of teaching whatsoever.  Have just gotten tons better through the years and years of doing this such as much less chatter on my part :) Also, simply put, the more time you spend riding the better you get.

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